Senin, 31 Oktober 2011

Contoh Teks Deskripsi Bahasa Inggris


The starfruit tree in our school is very short. Do you know?? It is about 1.30 m and just has 1 fruit. So it just has root which can spread everywhere to reach the water from the soil. And it has stem and branch for transport water and material from root to the leaves, so leaves can do photosyntesis and plant grew very well.

The starfruit tree located in yard of the mosque, or in front of 8b class so it is near from water source. If it near from water source so it can grow very well, so the starfruit tree can grew very well if it located in wet lands or in tropical forest, like in Indonesia.

The starfruit tree in our school is not height, it is about 1.30 m. It has short stem and has not many branch. The stem has diameter about 10 cm and the branch about 5 cm, and has brown colour. It is has not many leaves and has green leaves and if it grew, the leaves became to yellow. The starfruit tree in our school only has 1 small fruit, it has the green colour but if it grew the colour became to yellow and can we eat.

There are many advantage of starfruit trees, like the stem can we make burning wood and can transpallanting, and if starfruit tree had to bigger. There are many fruit, and the fruit can we eat or any else.


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